What's so powerful about an online system is that once you've got it set up. I can continue running whether you're working or not. 

For example, if you've got a traditional brick and mortar business when someone comes into a store there needs to be someone there to present the products and answer questions. Then there needs to be someone at the checkout collecting money etc. 

With an online system, you can a video or series of videos that presents the product and demonstrates its value. You can have a page that is your "cashier" that collects the money and delivers the product. You can even set up traffic sources that gets free potential customers to your site all day long. 

Once that is all set up, no person is doing any work so you don't have to pay employees or do the work yourself. You've built an online system and it does the for you 24/7 even when you're asleep. 

On this weeks webinar we're going to talk about how create your own systems. This is a technical training, I'll show you my screen, explain everything and show you exactly how to build your own for ANY business that you have. 

Thursday @ 7:00 PM MDT 

Also, on the webinar I'll teach you how to build an online system, but if you want to start with an online system that is already built for you, go here

- Tony & Abby Purcell

Check out this video I made for you first thing this morning. 

In the video I talk about two different bonuses. I'm not going to tell you what they are because I know that some people will just skip the video and read the text. But you need to actualy hear the explanation of the bonuses. 

So watch the video now and leave me a comment below. 

- Tony & Abby Purcell

If you want to learn exactly how to get the highest quality FREE traffic. Make sure to watch the above video.

Then be ready for the webinar Thursday, March 6th 2014 @ 7:00 PM here: www.teamawake.com/live

- Tony & Abby Purcell


Here's the link to where you can download "The Worksheet":


On the right hand side there are some blue links. Click on and then save "The Worksheet" and I also recommend downloading "Instructions For Doing The Work" and the "Facilitation Guide" 

You don't actually have to do write on "The Worksheet", what I do is have that beside a note book and write it in my notebook, that way I don't have to print off a hundred copies. 

Start with one of those fully filled out, something relevant to you today, and show up on the call. Times and dates of the calls will be send out weekly, if you're not on my emailing list, join here to get the weekly emails with the times. 

You'll also get access to the weekly call recordings and all the bonuses I offer people on my list so join my list here

And if you haven't watched the whole video above... make sure to do that now. 

- Tony & Abby Purcell

Shout out to Taylor Dietz


The first shout out I want to give to Taylor is on his persistence. 

He is the most consistent blogger I have on my entier team. He literally blogs every. single. day. even holidays like Christmas! I'm proud of you for that Taylor. 

You combine that commitment to consistence to the new breakthrough and commitment he talks about in this video... that's guaranteed success. In my opinion.  

Take a minute to watch his video and then make the same commitment in your life and business. And follow his blog so you can see his daily updates that he talks about in the video. 

- Tony


I got slapped in the face today. 

Reality hit me and realized that I was stagnant.  Stuck in the water.

I wasn't doing all that I needed to.  In fact, I was hardly doing anything at all.  

If I want to see success in this life, or anylife for that matter, I need to change.

I need to plan out my day.  I need to do the things that I know work.  And not take no for an answer.  

This life is only as easy as we create it.  

So I am going to do it!!!!

I am going to plan out my day, study, blog, do whatever it takes to become the person that I want to become.  

I know I will.  

I know I am!!!

DO IT!!! 

-Taylor Dietz-


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